Slide show



I want to make a slide show with my pictures and music. I want it to be able to be played on every dvd player, computer and have the transition effects between pictures.
maybe even slip in a mpeg or 2.

Does anyone know of a free program that is easy to use that can do this?

there was a slide show maker on my version of Nero, but I loaded a different version that came with my drive and i lost the slide show maker.


can you not download a demo of Nero from their website and use that to make your slide show dvd??


I was hoping to find one that I could use long term. I have several projects I am trying to do. I process seems so simple I thought there would be hundreds of programs around out there.


you could always go the ‘free’ way hint hint, rout and just buy the program later to ‘redeem’ yourself. I take it you HAVE to do this on a dvd player? you cant use a memory stick to make the slide show?


I recently ran into problems doing a simple slideshow to music with a video clip in the slideshow as well. I have the latest releases of Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio and Nero and none of then would work n either would Windows Movie Maker with XP, they would either crash or freeze up or error or something pretty pathetic considering the cost of this so called High End Software. Well after days of searching I found a wonderful little program called Pro Show Gold 2.5, which worked perfect for me and actually allows you to set your slideshow length to the audio or song length which i thought was cool. Also another litle program for editing mpeg video was called Video Redo Plus 2.2, for editing your video where as Adobe & Pinnacle again failed. I hope this helps it sure helped me.
I can’t remember if the software was free or not you will have to Google it and see for your self, if you have any questions feel free to email me.