Slide Show In Nero Vision Express 3



Can a whole folder of pictures be imported into a DVD Slide Show In NVE 3 without going thru the pain-staking process of adding them,one at a time? I got
a lot of pictures of a particular type… :eek: Thanks to all who reply… :cool:


Using version 2, it took a multiple select with no problem


Nero Vision Express 3 will import multiple pictures as well. It does not however accept folders. What you have to do is in an explorer window, select all your image files and then click-drag them into the film strip portion of the create slideshow window in Nero Vision Express 3. That will allow you to import multiple pictures at once instead of one by one.


Thanks,Mike,I feel so dumb,as that’s how I create other compilations.Going forward,It
only allows 99 files for one segment,is there a way to add more than that,or do I still have to create a couple of segments? And lastly,I didn’t see where I’m able to add my background music. Mike,you sound like you know what you’re doing,unlike me… :confused:


Mike,you sound like you know what you’re doing,unlike me…

I hope so, look at his sig! :wink:


I did,that’s why I said that… :bow: :bow: :bow:


The problem with the 99 slide limit is because each disc can only hold 99 titles per disc. However, you can have 99 pictures per slideshow so that will increase you slideshow to 99*99 = 9801 pictures.

If you put the 2 slideshows (one of 99 pictures and the 2nd of 34 pictures) and they are subsequent titles, the 99th picture will go straight into the 1st picture of the 2nd slideshow. The only limitation is the audio track does not span multiple titles.

Speaking of audio tracks, to add an audio track to your slideshow, you will see 2 tabs above your filmstrip area. One looks like a camera and the other IMO looks like a bridge over water with a reflection (it’s suppsed to be a wave reading on an oscillascope). In any case, the 2nd tab will show you the list of audio tracks that are to be played during your slideshow. To add the audio tracks to your presentation, drag them into the filmstrip area (with either tab showing) and it will add it to your presentation. if you click on the more button after you’ve added your audio file, there is a box that most user’s may find helpful. It will match the slideshow duration to the audio duration so they will end concurrently.

Hope my post is clear enough for you (and others) to follow.


I hope so too… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks,Mike for your very pointed instruction,once I complete knowing exactly what needs to be done,I’ll post back letting you know how it went. Thanks again!!


No problem… keep me posted.


I have 393 pictures,and attempted selecting them all from within my folder, doing a copy/paste,but it’s not adding them,so I know I’m doing something wrong. Where are ya Mike???


Never Mind…figured it out…life is wonderful,once again!!!


good to hear


Mike, I wonder if you can help me. I’ve dropped a few wma files into the slideshow and when I check the final slideshow it’s fine. However, when I burn the dvd it sounds like a fax machine… any ideas?


Mike, I read your message about how to add audio to a slide show, but how do I import an audio file to use? I can’t drag anything into the filmstip as no audio files exist until I can import one into Nero. I can’t figure out how to get the music file from my C drive into Nero. Can you help?