Slide show and tiff files on same DVD



I have NeroVision Express 3 SE

I want to burn a slide show onto a DVD and also put the tiff files that the slide show was created from on the same DVD. The reason for including the tiff files is so that the user of the DVD can put the disk in his computer and print/edit the images in addition to being able to see the slide show on his TV.

How can I do this under the software I have?


Do you show an option on the bottom of the content page that says ADD?


“Do you show an option on the bottom of the content page that says ADD?”


There is a panel, to the right of centre, that is headed “What would you like to do?” with the following options:-

Capture Video
Add Video Files
Make Slide show
Import Disc

But no method of adding non video files

Pressing “More” shows other options but none add files e.g Comfigure, Video Options etc


I don’t know if SE does this, but hit make a slide show then DVD, then add some pictures, then hit next and you will see a content page. In the middle, close to the bottom, there may be a drop down box labeled ADD. If you don’t have it, maybe there is something else, or you can make a mixed DVD/CD.


Run the program to make to slide show, except instead of 'burning it to disk, save it to your hard drive.
Then use Nero Burning ROM, selecting both the ‘slide show’ and ‘tiff’ files for the compilation.