Slick speakers with screens. Or something. From Korea

I like bizarre stuff and this is just up my alley (I think). Its a pair of speakers made from, well I dont know really. Its supposed to make noises I gather. And show pictures at the same time, on the speakers.

It also shows stuff on the speakers, I think. Hey this is the greatest news item ever. Anyway, it looks like this.

Dapreview knows more (okay not really they dont)

it’s look nice… but it’s more expensive… i prefer to buy more music p0wa inside than better l00k

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10-07-05, 06:32AM

I found this english version of the website with some poor explanation about film speakers which are not really PLASMA speakers.

I discovered the “REAL” Plasma speaker after having seen this post. See this website for more information : Astonishing, you’ll see! [/I]

from the link.