SLI ready Memory?

Motherboard: abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLi,
Videocard: eVGA GeForce 7600GT 256MB DDR3 SLI.

My question is: what’s the difference between SLI-ready RAMs and regular ones? Is there a problem if I’ll use non-SLI RAMs?

I have OCZ2VU8002GK. Somebody told me that they are crashing XP because they are designed for Vista. I doubt.

I need your feedback.

Thanks in advance.

its just a gimmick imo

Its a slight gimmick. Basically they are from the same batch so are more likely to give less problems.

Saying that however, ordering 2 moduals at the same time from the same place usually gets you the same batch and is 9 times out of 10 cheaper than the SLi kits.

Just about any new (up to date) hardware you buy now a days has SLI ready logo somewhere on the package I.E. PSU, Ram, Mobo ect. Just means it’s been tested and works with SLI. I agree that it’s more a sales gimmick. As for the Vista ready you see that lots now a days too.:slight_smile:

Thank you again, guys, for your precious time. You just confirmed my thoughts.
Once again, the cdfreaks people helped me with my issues. :clap:

boggdy, just thought id add that if your running a single gfx card you don’t need anything thats sli compliant. If you intend to run sli at some point, the only things you need are a sli mobo and a sli compliant power pack. The memory makes no difference.

I’m currently running 2 1 gig 7950 gx2’s with matching ocz ram ( with no sli comliancy loggos ) and am seeing no problems.