SLI configuration?



I was thinking of changing my rig around and trying to run a SLI setup… here’s my question tho…

do both video cards have to be the same adapter type (ie both AGP or PCIE)? the reason i ask is my motherboard has a pcie AND an agp… right now im running a pcie 7600gto card which has the capabilities of an sli config, but could i run a sli if 1 7600gto was a pcie and the other was the SAME card but an AGP type instead? thanks in advance!


I have never seen this type of question before as there are so few boards that can run both AGP and PCI:e. But I very much doubt that you could get the 2 cards to run together very well, as the PCI:e runs at a much greater bus speed.

I have two dual card boards, one of each (SLI and Crossfire) and IIRC the crossfire master card sets the speed of the slave i.e. to its speed. I say crossfire because I looked into it more because I run my RDX200 over the nF4 SLI D everyday.
Even with the new cable less crossfire that my x1650XT has I still think that you need cards that are quite near to each other.

Then there if the fact that do you even need SLI ?
Everything I have read about it says that it only comes into its own when you have a very big screen resolution.


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uronmy49311, sorry you can’t run PCIE with AGP in either crossfire or agp, not possible. You would have to upgrade to an sli capable MB, which will have dual (or 3) pciex16 slots.


ok… thanks for the help… guess thats that…