Sli & ati



I’m planning on bying a new Motherboard.

After searching the net I find the Abit NI8 SLI the best for me.

My question is. I know that you can put 2 NVIDIA cards in it but I have an ATI X800 PRO 256Mb.

Would this card work with this Mobo or does it only work with NVIDIA cards.

PS I’m not planning to use the SLI feature but this MOBO just has the right features for me.


Yes. Only nVidia cards will work in SLI config bu in single mode any card will work.


That’s all I wanted to know.
Then my search is over and I can order this Mobo.

Thanx for the info Womble.


Non-SLI motherboards are cheaper. The SLI feature alone costs a lot.

I’m waiting for Intel and ATI to offer more for less than Nvidia.


I know non-SLI mobo’s are cheaper but it’s the only one from ABIT (it has to be ABIT)with still 2 PATA connectors (important)on it and with 6 SATA


If if didn’t hve to be ABit then I give you,
Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9

Which has,

8 x Serial ATA connector (4 X Serial ATA 3.0Gb/s)

2 x UDMA ATA 133/100/66 Bus Master IDE connectors



Very nice Mobo, to bad it’s for an amd, the processor I have is an INTEL PIV 3,4 2MB cache.

Very interesting article.

This is going to be my setup:

-PIV 3,4 2Mb cache (ordered)
-2gig ddr² ram 533Mhz (ordered)
-Ati X800pro 256Mb ram (ordered)
-Abit NI8 SLI (still having doubts about this)
-4x 300gig sata harddisks (present)
-1x 300gig external on USB² (present)
-1x 300gig external on firewire (present)
-2x toshiba dvd readers (present)
-2x 1620 Benq (present)
-Chieftec maxi tower (present)
-Thermal take 430 Watt power (present)
-Creative audigy soundcard. (present)
-Iiyama 22’ crt screen (present)
-Targa 19" TFT screen (present)

So this is why I think that the best choice for me is the NI8 SLI from ABIT.

The reason why it has to be an INTEL and ABIT is because I work for a company that only sells Abit and INTEL.

And every few months I can trade my cpu, ram and mobo for free.
This is what I’m going to trade.
My PIV 3,4 512cache, 2gig ddrram 400Mhz and an Abit 3D Max mobo.


Interesting that you migrated from a Northwood to Prescott with the same speed grade and amount of RAM…

Just to let you know, you gained nothing but increased heat output from the CPU/RAM migration.

(If it was up to me, I’d still have preffered the Northwood with DDR)


How much would such a system cost? 3.4 P4, 2GB DDR 2, 6 300GB HDDs… :eek: (I guess your working for the company justifies such a limited upgrade options though.)

GIGABYTE GA-K8NXP-SLI (8-Σ/nF4-SLI) looks better but costs just $5 more than GA-K8NXP-9 in Seoul. 8 SATA cables and 8 SATA ports, impressive. :iagree:


It doesn’t cost me anything exept for the X800 PRO (244€)

Every couple of months I get the chance to trade my mobo, cpu and ram for newer one for free.(I don’t care I can only chose between Abit and Intel :wink: )
I can also get ASUS but then I have to pay a little bit.

I need the harddisks for my homemade movies.
The 2 external harddisks are easy to swap with my 3 laptops (much faster then my wireless network)

Oh, the PIV 3,4 isn’t in stock anymore so I will get a 3,6 instead :stuck_out_tongue: