Hi i need some help im having trouble finding hanging sleeves for

Anyone able to direct me to a site???

Do you actually have the case or just looking at the photo? Unless I’m mistaken, any regular soft or hard CD/DVD case will work. I don’t think they actually “hang”.

I have the case it’s the cd/dvd cover’s inside im interested in as ive now ran out and need more.

I have space left to fill and the same for another case so its just the sleeve’s that hang i need more of

Something I tried finding too. I bought some new storage boxes and the sleeves were pathetic, they were sharp and tight, and marked up some of my discs. I have ended up modifying/cutting some of my old sleeves, and then inserting the plastic rod/bar into where I have cut:

If you have no spare bars, I guess you are unable to do what I have, so I’m curious to know if you found any stores selling the sleeves with bars? I don’t want to spend another few hours cutting out more sleeves lol.,144,33.htm

Thanks. But wow, the price is more than I paid for my 200 capacity box with sleeves, lol! They know how to rip you off huh.

There are likely others…that was just the first one that I found. I’d try contacting the manufacturer of your case directly and see what they say. Otherwise, wait for a sale and buy another case of two if they are cheaper.