Slayerking has skillz!

heres the great one caught in action…along with Debro the sound mixer… :bigsmile: just in time for christmas

Slayer and Debro Present!!! Jingle Bells!


Now THAT is hella funny-eh!!!

Never knew that the Slayerkink had that much talent-eh!!

And debro must have serious sinus blockage-eh!

I like how debro was keeping time with his head…:wink:


That wasn’t me!
I wouldn’t be caught dead in that purple jump suit :stuck_out_tongue:

sure say that now…but we know it was you…

Oh Shit!!

…and for the part ya’ll don’t know… SS was the camera girl filming it all

well duh…two guys in the loo together…you KNOW i’m gonna be there filming :wink:



That is the awesome