SL Burning Problems

I just purchased this software today and am trying to make a backup of Independence Day but keeps failing. I copied entire disc to HD first and am trying to write now. Clone didn’t work because it said I didn’t have DL media inserted. I’ve tried several different ways and kept getting error 105 every time I tried to burn. I researched your board and found an error list that states: 105 HWS_TOOBIG // Files are too big to fit on a DVD+/-R(W).

How do you set DVD Fab Platinum to automatically set to copy and burn to SL. Decryptor gives you that option when you read it but I can’t find the same on Platinum anywhere…


Open Fab> full disk>set target to burner>set quality to DVD-5>start

Hi, thanks for replying. It still gave me the error 105. I have Sony DVD RW DRU-810A burner and use Memorex DVD+/-R discs. I never had a problem with DVD Express and Decryptor before… :>(

My DVDFAB Platinum Settings Which Work Great For Me
I/O Mode: Auto
Check: Ask Retry/Ignore/Abort When Reading Error
Retry: 5 Times
Skip Sectors After Reading Error: 32
Cache Control: Check Enable Read Ahead

Write: Burning Engine VSO
Write Speed: 4X or 8X
DVD Writeable Media: DVD-5 Size 4472 ( less compression )
Write Type: SAO
Check Booktype To DVD-ROM ( only for DVD+R/RW Media )

Check Everything

Good Luck

Hi theresab105,hope that’s not your age!LOL… try jimbo’s settings,but you say that you copied entire disk to HDD first ,how big is the file?did you rip full disk and perhaps set quality to DVD-9?..what are you burning with? same proggy or Ner0 (ikes!)…?
Also you may want to try better media, preferably Verbatims,or TY’s…I’ve had pretty good luck with some HP media,I know guys don’t laugh… :slight_smile:

Many of the main movie only off some DVDs are larger than a SL disc.

You’re right Mack! DvdFab Plat or Gold gives you option for DVD-5 though ,and I’m thinking maybe she backed up to DVD-9 and is trying to burn to SL disk…