Skystar 2 & Motherboard MSI K8N Neo-V2


I Want to Buy this motherboard (MSI K8N Neo-V2), and i want to know is it compatible with Skystar 2? Have anyone this motherboard with Skystar 2?

Thank You!

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From what I’m aware of, the Skystar2 will work with pretty much any motherboard on the market with a spare standard 32bit PCI slot, so long as the memory and CPU are adequate enough to handle what you plan on using the card for. As that motherboard has a Socket 754, even the slowest CPU that fits this socket will be more than powerful enough to watching satellite TV. This card has been designed mainly for IP data and is one of the most widely used cards I know of for 1-way satellite based broadband (using a modem as the uplink). :wink:

From my experience of working with the Skystar2, the main thing you’ll need to watch out for is ventilation. If there is not enough air-flow through the PC, the Skystar2 DVB card will overheat and shutoff, making it appear like there is no signal. This is particularly important if you plan on installing other PCI cards in the PC or will be using it in a room where temperature often goes above 21C (70F). If you plan on installing a ‘silent’ case fan, go for a model that allows manual adjustment as the ones that are thermally controlled often don’t provide enough air flow to prevent the Skystar2 from over-heating.