Skypro? is selling a “Pro” version of SKY DVD-R 4x’s.
Anyone use these yet?
Here is the link:
.60 a piece in a 100 pack.
.10 more than the “normal” SKY media.



I bought a 25 pack of those SKYPRO disks from just to try.

They appear well made, with no visible manufacturing flaws. The media code is AML.

I burned 12 of them at 4x in my Pioneer DVR-106D (firmware 1.07) with no problems and they played fine in my most finicky set top player (an old Apex AD-500W).

When I scanned them with Kprobe 1.1.29 (speed: 4 PI/PO sum: 8) in my Liteon LDW-451s, they all produced reasonably good, but not great, scans (max PO s under 50 and max PI s of 8 or less). The appearance of the graphs make me think that these disks might have a slight balance problem: The PO s, which stay pretty level around 15 through most of the graph, ramp up to above 40 toward the end on the fullest disks. PO s on the Kprobe scan graphs from disks less than 70% full stay pretty flat around 15.

But when I tried burning a few in the Liteon drive, the results weren’t nearly as good. I burned 3 disks in my LDW-451s with GS7B firmware (one each using Nero 6, Recordnow DX 4.5, and DVDFab 1.7). The maximum burn speed on this drive with all three programs was only 2x and the Kprobe scans showed max PO s in the low to mid hundreds!:eek:

If you’d consider spending a little more, you might want try Prodisc 4x DVD-R instead, particularly if you don’t have a Pioneer burner. I bought some Prodisc 4x DVD-R silver thermal printable (media code: ProdiscS03) from Meritline a couple weeks ago and they burn at 4x in both the Pioneer and Liteon drives. The Prodisc 4x DVD-Rs burned in both drives Kprobe scan considerably better than the SKYPROs too.

link to Kprobe scans of SKYPRO DVD-R:

link to Kprobe scans of Prodisc 4x DVD-R:

Btw, Shop4tech now has what appears to be the same Prodisc media for less than $66 for a 100 pack with free shipping ($73 less 10% with coupon code: easter10). I’ve ordered some, which should arrive late this week. I’m hoping they’re the same quality as the ones I got from Meritline. If you’re interested, I’ll let you know after I try them.

Discs with AML media code comes from the same factory as AN30, AN31, AN32 … AN35. Which means low quality media, made in Hong Kong.