Skype will debut on Windows 8 this Friday

I just posted the article Skype will debut on Windows 8 this Friday.


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I bet it doesn’t debut on Windows 8 this Friday on my computer .
I don’t have or want Windows 8 .

You can use a SIP or XMPP/Jingle client instead of Skype.

“In this version of Skype, you will be able to stay connected, even if you shift focus to other applications. Skype will run in the background, with little drain on the battery according to the Skype developers.”

Someone might want to rethink this featrue!
How many brainless twitts will switch tasks and forget that their Skype Camera and Microphone is broadcasting to whomever everything that they are doing.
Imagine the fun the FBI and CIA and whatever other dubious Government agency could have if they ever got access to the feeds.