Skype users beware

Microsoft Patents Spy Tech for Skype


Skype already had their own builtin encryption and monitoring software, so that’s not a big surprise. One should not use Skype for really private (not the “Hi Grandma!” conversations) or secure business communications.

I believe Skype’s built-in is or was different from what MS has done, but either way no big deal here because I don’t use it.

I use Skype but this program by MS could be used on any VOIP connection if I understand how it works.
I hope this would require the same warrants that a POTS wiretap would.
I don’t think law has caught up with this & it probably will.
On a regular POTS line depending on the state it is illegal to record telephone conversations without the permission of parties having the conversation.
In Texas the law is one party consent. Meaning only one of the parties actively involved in the conversation has to give permission. This can be the calling party.
If asked if the conversation is being recorded the recording party is required to tell the other party.
Of course Homeland Security can bypass all of those laws including the wiretap ones.
Unless a person or persons are sure of an encryption method used on their phone any conversation can be recorded . I’m betting Homeland Security has some good decrypters. So IMO there is no completely private telephone line . Maybe there are some government lines that are secure . I hope so anyway.