Skype crashes on making calls


I’ve started using Skype, but whenever I make a call it begins to connect and then cuts off and crashes my PC. Whenever this happens I have to switch my PC off, and this happens every time I try to make a call.

Any suggestions? As I wouldn’t be pleased to waste the prepaid credit I bought.

Thanks in advance

Can you find a previous version? I read that sometimes newest versions give problems.

Are you sure that you haven’t a beta version installed right now?

I’m on, and I’m fairly sure that isn’t beta, I’ll have a go with an older version and report back in a min. Speaking of which, is there an orchive of older versions anywhere?

:o I don’t know

Usually I store for some time old versions when I update a software, to be sure that I don’t need it anymore

Hmm, tried version and it has the same problem. Anything else that it might be?

EDIT: Also tried version 1.4.something with no success. I’ve noticed that I can connect for a bit, and talk, but it then cuts and hangs after anywhere between 5-10 seconds.

OK, just so we all know the solution, this is how I’ve managed to fix it:

-Ensure latest Skype version (already did this, still had problem)
-Ensure all Windows updates are installed (this may have fixed it)
-Ensure you have the latest DirectX (or maybe this fixed it)
-Update any drivers that might be causing a problem (I didn’t have to do this, but it was suggested)