Skype and smartphones

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I am a bit curious about something I thought but I have no idea if it is really possible (or even if it makes any sense :eek: )

If I’m not wrong, many smartphones (and also regular cellphones) have WiFi capabilities, and if I understood correctly this means that you can use the home router to surf the net without spending money from the SIM.

If this is correct, theoretically should be possible to use skype to make calls for free (if the other user is using skype too of course).

Is that correct? :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s correct.

I have Skype Out which allows calls to PSTN(regular) phones not on Skype.
What I pay for is unlimited calls in the US & Canada (free). There are other plans but I don’t need them I think there ia even a world wide plan.
So with this only I need to have Skype. As long as the smartphone could access my wifi the call as above should be free.

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There are actually several apps for making (and receiving) calls on a mobile, whether on Wi-Fi or using the 3G network. Viber is a popular Skype alternative that I know some use. If you use an SIP provider, Android 4 has support for this built in.

I’ve no mobile signal at home, so I use the SIP provider Blueface, which also lets me make calls through it, plus my mobile rings if someone calls my Blueface number, even from a landline telephone. In the past, I had a corded SIP phone that connected to my router, so nice being able to do away with that with my mobile. Another advantage with using Blueface (or even Skype) is that they work over 3G, so the calls are very cheap or free if I call another person by SIP or Skype. :slight_smile:

Like Seán said, there are a lot of apps which can make and receive calls. GrooveIP is a great example along with Viber.

I’ve used GrooveIP wih Google Voice (in US) and am able to make and receive calls and text messages. Pretty neat.