Sky media quality

Hi there… forgive me if a come across somewhat dumb… I am a little new to DVD terminology.

Today I bought a 50 pack spindle of Sky Pro 8X DVD+R. I usually buy 16X TDK media, but Sky was cheap and sometimes I just can’t refuse a bargain. I also buy +R media as it is my understanding that it is superior to -R and I also like to change the booktype to DVD-ROM.

Anyways, I have had no problems burning with the Sky discs so far, however there is one thing that concerns me. When I held a disc up to the light (looking for surface scratches), I could see right through the disc!

Is this a sign of poor media? Also, could writing on the disc using a standard DVD/CD marker damage the data? Should I steer clear of Sky media discs?

I am using a BenQ DW1640. The DVDs I bought can be seen here (the 50pc cakebox:

I would appreciate any help.

Cheers, Jordan.

Sky uses cheap manufacturers for their dvds. They dont make them.
So your discs could be either CMC, Prodisc, Plasmon, Optodisc or AML. Not worth the risk.
The best you could hope for would be CMC or Prodisc.

Great things to help you judge might be:

  • What the media code is.
  • A quality scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed on a burnt disc.

Thanks for your advice…

Well, this is what the Nero CD-DVD Speed quality test shows (can anyone please help me interpret what this exactly means?). The Sky discs I’m using are made in China.

That’s almost definitely fake Verbatim/MCC media, given that media code of MCC003. The burn is actually fairly decent but I’ve found that the 1640 is very tolerant of crappy discs in general. The problem is that nobody trusts those discs to last.

They’re fake MCC, but seem to be burning about as well as real Prodisc. :stuck_out_tongue: Things to look for are PIE under 280 and PIF under 16. That’s when things start to really get problematic. You’re well under the limits, but on authentic MCC media PIE less than 10 and PIF less than 2 is pretty achievable.

It is highly recommended that you turn SolidBurn on in QSuite so it can figure out the best strategy for the fake MCC media, instead of using the real MCC strategy.

Lol, very true, unfortunately :wink:

I totally agree with this. Spiceboy85, to clarify this a bit, he means turn on SolidBurn in QSuite for known media in this case. It will make your 1640 learn how to burn this media better. You should start to see an improvement in burn quality from about the 3rd to 5th burn onwards after you turn on SB.

spiceboy, test your discs at 8x in CD-DVD Speed instead of Maximum speed. You might as well update to the latest version of the program while you’re at it.

I’ve used fake -R MCC on my 1640, WOPC and Solidburn provided no benefit for my discs, although changing the write strategy to INFOSMART01 improved results for others, although I don’t believe their results were specific to the 1640 (I haven’t bothered to try changing the write strategy in my 1640). SB and WOPC may or may not help in your case, although I honestly doubt you are going to see much, if any, improvement since they are cheap fake discs to begin with. Your burn is good for fake media and, if the discs are stored decently and the discs remain stable over time, are perfectly useable. However, stability of the discs is unknown though and I would not use them for important data. Mine have been stable so far, but I’ve only been using them for a few months.

Media I’ve used that was advertised as Sky in the past has been really cheap stuff, including fake Maxell media codes, AN31, etc. Some of the discs were incredibly translucent, I could easily look through the discs in good lighting. I think that all of the discs I used were made in China media from Infosmart, regardless of the media code. I think that getting anything good such as CMC or Prodisc would be a lucky fluke, it’s probably almost entirely made in China stuff. To my amazement, even most of my earliest burns about 3 years ago with this ‘Sky’ media has remained stable and readable to this day, even the discs I can visibly see through are still readable.

I wouldn’t actually suggest anyone go out of their way to buy these, but it’s a positive sign that most of my discs have remained stable. In the future, I would only suggest using these sorts of discs for less important burns, such as discs you are giving away, temporary data transfer, etc. That’s what I use these types of discs for and they serve such uses fine. Get better media for anything you consider important data.

sigh… Someone always complains about this… Maximum on a BenQ IS 8x! Nothing to worry about.

You can test at higher than 8x, but setting the speed to ‘Maximum’ will run the test at 8x, yes.

High jitter. Too close to the limit in my book. Wouldn’t trust these for anything else than short-term backups. See through them? :eek: Woaw, these chinese discs are amazing. :eek:

You may try to burn them with SB ON for known media, maybe you’ll get slightly better results, but if I were you I’d have very little confidence in these discs, and I’d quickly get back to the TDK. :wink: - my opinion, though.

Not allways, if left at maximum it sometimes scans at 4x. To be sure, specify 8x.

At least you can be thankful that your “SKY” media is better than the one that I once recieived. A friend asked my to burn something for him and he gave me this “SKY” DVD+R disc to burn it on. Well it was one of the few DVD’s that I’ve ever burnt that was completely unreadable immediately after burning (despite making it to 100% and “burn completed successfully” in Nero).

If I recall correctly this media didn’t even have a manufacturer listed in DVDIdentifier. I think it just said something like “00001” for the media type and that was all that was listed! Not surprisingly, after seeing that, I’ve never bought any of this band media for myself.