Sky lowers HD price

Due to a new promotional campaign Sky will change the name of its HD service and lower the HD pricing. Next month the company will start with this new branding campaign and it will focus on promoting HD PVR and the Sky+ service.

Currently Sky’s prices vary from £199 to £249 as long as you buy it together with Sky’s HD service. On the 1st of July Sky will change this and you will pay £150 for the box and the service you will use is renamed to Sky+ HD. The good thing about the boxes is that you will also pay £150 when using a standard definition box.

Of course paying £150 means you will need a Sky+ HD subscription package; that’s currently £10 per month. If we will see any price changes here, this can’t be said now. To buy the box without a subscription will cost you £399.

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Is this perhaps in response to Freesat?
When the HD pvr’s become available on this service the price is rumored to be the same as Sky, however once you have paid for the equipment there is no further fee’s to pay.