Sky High

Hey I am trying to back up SKY HIGH movie. but I am getting an error

DVDShrink encountered an error

Out of memory

The paging file is too small for this operation to compute.

I am using anydvd and DVshrink.

Any ideas I belive this is a new protection, I know someone els ehaving the same proble withthis movie.

ANyone have a solution?

I can do it I think without the menues but I use the menus so that would be my last resort.

No problems here US reg 1 full screen. Any dvd running in the background, opened DvdShrink copied movie only to HD and burned lter with cloneDVD with anydvd disabled.

No one else is haveing trouble with this movie?

how much memory is on your computer? that should be the first thing you should check when you get an “out of memory” error.

it could just be that processing the disc is too labor intensive for your computer

we need more info!!!
at what stage are you receiving this message? encoding? burning?
do you have the latest version of anydvd? please be sure you’re upgraded to
What are your computer’s specs…memory? processor?
how much available memory does your computer have in a resting state? open up the task manager and check under physical memory in the performance tab. tell us what’s “available”

Yo man. This out of memory nonsense has nothing to do with the amount of memory on the machine at all. It has everything to do with the corrupt DVD structure that Ripguard leaves behind. They can use FixVTS, Vob Blanker, or AnyDVD + copy VIDEO_TS folder to hard drive to fix it. Any one of those will solve the problem and allow DVD Shrink to do its thing. I’d personally recommend CloneDVD so you don’t have to deal with this crap, but, to each their own. Any one of those things I just mentioned will solve the issue though.

will this give me full movie with menus and everything?

If you do it my way, you can do whatever you want with it after the Vob Blanker process. FixVTS is also said to work although I’ve never used it myself. Just run the disc through Vob Blanker to get it onto your hard drive(open the video_ts.ifo from the DVD’s VIDEO_TS directory, set an output directory, and then hit process!! button). Once it’s done, you can use DVD Shrink or whatever else you want to back up movie only, movie with menus, full movie with all the extras, etc.

P.S. PLEASE make sure you use the latest AnyDVD which at the time of this writing is version Thanks!

I have anydvd what should I do… I also use dvd shrink…I have latest anydvd…

Go get Vob Blanker

Run it, and select the video_ts.ifo from the DVD’s VIDEO_TS folder. Select a directory on your hard drive to output the files to. Hit the process!! button and let Vob Blanker do it’s thing. Make sure, of course, that AnyDVD is running when you do this as Vob Blanker isn’t a ripper. It’ll just fix the structure to allow DVD Shrink to work with the files on your hard drive. When Vob Blanker is done processing, open up the folder you output to with DVD Shrink and shrink away like normal. That’s it.

please excuse my ignorance… so what do i do 1st I got VOB

what about the audio file?

how do I get the audio files in?

ow i am reading it it looks as if Ill have the video on the HD to process but not the audio

Use elby CloneDVD2 for god’s sake. It will work. Start it, click afew times “next” and you’re done.

Yea, I have to agree with Tru on this. You sound like an inexperienced user so I HIGHLY recommend you get CloneDVD. The instructions I laid out couldn’t be simpler…and I respect that someone would want to stick with freeware which is why I gave you those instructions in the first place, but, the simple fact is you get what you pay for. CloneDVD will simply work with no hassle. Please go to and download the latest version of CloneDVD.

(And to answer your question about audio, they are NOT separate. If you follow my directions explicitly without thinking about it you will have everything you need. Overthinking a problem without actually trying what was given to you is not a good thing.)

well I appreciate your help

The fact that you are even asking that question shows you do not understand DVD structure. I never said you were an idiot, I said you were inexperienced. There is a HUGE difference there. The audio is encoded into the VOB files along with video, subtitles, and chapter information. Doing what I said to do in the first place would have simply worked. But you didn’t even try it before asking about audio. My suggestion is to try what I’ve laid out and if you have problems with the result then post back and I’ll try to help.

CloneDVD, which I recommended in my first response, makes all this extraneous stuff unnecessary, but, because DVD Shrink is old and no longer updated, it can’t handle DVD structures that are not what it’s expecting. CloneDVD doesn’t care…it simply works.

again I thank you I was just looking when I pulled the files off the dvd I saw another folder so I thought I would ask befoire I start wasting dvds

right now i am working with what I got cause I already been trying to many programs thats all, I will try the clone dvd since I have anydvd already.

No problem. We learn by asking, so, it’s not a big deal. You’ll find the AUDIO_TS folder on the DVD to be completely empty. It’s not used at all. The audio is embedded in the VOBS. If you follow my directions completely you won’t have any more problems.

As for CloneDVD, I definitely recommend it. There is a company behind CloneDVD so if something does break, we’ll get a fix for it. When DVD Shrink breaks, there’s no support to create a new version to fix the problem. Hence the Vob Blanker and FixVTS work arounds that are out to make the DVD structure compliant from DVD Shrink’s point of view. If you value your time, then CloneDVD is DEFINITELY worth the investment. I wouldn’t live without it on my machine. While I use other programs, too, such as Vob Blanker and DVD-RB, those are more for the special cases rather than for the rule. Vob Blanker I use to remove annoying trailers and warning logos. DVD-RB I use for when serious compression is required. CloneDVD I use for almost everything.

Just wanted to take the time to register and say a big thank you to SamuriHL… I’ve been throwing ugly words and foul promises of a dark painful death at this DVD all day… and I’ve now finally got it backed up by following your simple walkthrough… much much much thanks !

Not a problem at all. I’m glad it worked for you!

You need to roll a fat one and get high before backing up sky high.
it’s a incredibly bad movie !

SamuriHL, I just registered and wanted to give a big thanks to you too! The information you provided really helped me out too. Now you really have me curious, you mentioned that you can use Vob Blanker to remove those annoying trailers and warning logos??? I just downloaded a copy of it and went to use it. How do you know where those warning logos, etc. are located?