Sky DVD-R 4X media -- trying to find out factory

I recently mentioned that I was getting some ‘Sky’ brand 4x DVD-Rs from Without burning my first disc, I checked in PlexTools Professional to see what factory it comes from or who truly makes them. Is all I get is ‘Manufacturer ID: VDSPMSAB 01’. My question is: who really makes these discs?

I believe Plasmon data systems is the company behind SKY media. At least for the cd’rs I have from them!

That is the maker, AKA Interaxia . Some of the worst media made today. Sky uses nothing but the cheapest media available, at least 5 different makers and all of them are bad.

I have some Platnum 8x interaxia…what trash it is. I can not even get it to burn a non coaster at 4x. They should be sued. :iagree:

As far as I know, is owned and operated by “Promedia International Inc” (see, who claim to supply for the US and operate factories in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. They have a bad reputation for generic media (and have been known to sell those SKY discs with fake MXL media codes), but they’ve been reliable for me for branded Ridata G04 -R disks. (Just got 100 from them in 2 spindles of 50 when it seems that all the other retailers are out…)

Oh boy… Looks like I must’ve wasted my money on them 25 blank DVD-Rs… I wonder what I’m going to do when it comes time for me to use DVDs, as I have 25 of these discs sitting here because I don’t have enough free HDD space for one DVD burn yet. I guess when I need to burn, I’ll buy Taiyo Yuden. They’re the best, right? Where can I get official Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and DVD+R blanks in the US? Thanks…

Would other brands reported on here work in the often quoted 90 % of devices? 60 – 120 USD for Taiyo Yuden is a bit out of my price range and I don’t know yet what would work in players. I don’t want to buy something anymore and have it not work on one of my drives. Is TY the only mfr. that would make DVDs tha would work on all (or as many as possible) drives?

60-120USD? Where are you looking? You can get 50 8x TY DVD-Rs for $30 at Rima/ACCA!

OK. Can I burn them at 1x or 2x? My PC isn’t up-to-speed to handle more that without the buffer underrun protection constantly rescuing recordings.

[Edit: I see the 30-USD TY 8x DVD-Rs now. Can I write on them for laballing them or do I need a printer or something?]

They should be able to record at 1~8x. They’re just blank silver tops so you can write on them fine.