Sky 99 minute cd-r's

Does anyone know what Sky’s website address is?

I’ve tried Google (20 pages) with no success.

Here’s a picture of their cd-r’s:

I bought a 10 pack from in the USA.

They were only 16x rated, but were excellent discs. I now need more and wish to read more about the companies other products.

Thanks in advance,


Maybe they just dont have a website. You can contact the company if you talk talk to the place where you bought them from, they usually have a way to contact the company.

FlyingDutchman: Thanks for the reply.

I made the post from work after waisting 25 minutes looking for the site.

I came home and did a search using and it came up as the 2nd response.

They’re a Swiss company!

That was not a result that google returned.

Go figure.


strange, a website that google did not know…This is a first.

Copernic searched: Alta Vista, Fast Search, MSN Web Search & Netscape Net Center at the same time THEN it removed all duplicate links and showed the results in 1 window.

It has proven to be the best way to search for me.

The Copernic search program was FREE too.

So you are saying its better than the “king of search” google?

Perhaps not “better”. But searching 4 or 5 engines at the same time-removing duplicate & dead links-got me the results I was looking for.

Give it a try. It’s free.
There’s a small ad banner in the program while you search. is the link to the software. Copernic is not a webpage based search engine like google.

nah, its 17th when u search ‘sky media’ just a bit lower down than usual. :slight_smile: