Guess this fits here…
Ok, I know there alot, well a few of tuts on converting TO SKVCD or KSVCD…which ever. I haven’t seen a way to convert the SKVCD to like say a SVCD. Current DVD player doesn’t do SKVCD at all and would like to get it to something it could play. Anyone have any ideas to convert SKVCD to VCD, DVD, SVCD, DivX pretty much anything but its current format?



Oh, forgot it is a 480x480 file with 29 fps


Ok, I’ll shed some light then maybe…I’ll get an answer. Ok, found something on afterdawn…they said something about re-encoding it tmpgenc. It is a standard SVCD NTSC format but can only get the file working on plexing, in MPEG tools…except after each plexing to SVCD it still will not work on my DVD player, so am I doing something wrong in the mpeg tools or is this file something most of you have no clue what to do with?