Skitty Audio



Well i’v finally managed to Burn my first dvd, I used WinAVI video Converter which converted my Avi. file into .VOB then i used Nero 7 BurningROM to burn it to my DVD+R 8X. Stuck it in the Dvd player and Bingo was excellent!
untill the Film kicked in and began to go really jumpy, not the film itself but the audio became really skitty and i couldnt watch it much longer it annoyed me,
What can i do to correct this small issue? Do i need to slow the burn process down,i did the disk at 8x would it make any difference slowing it down? Are there any settings that need changing?


What’s it like if you play that disc on the PC?

Also before you burned the disk did you play the movie created by WinAVI?


Disc is perfect on the pc no problems at all, same with playing the movie after conversion with WinAVI the sound isnt faulty, just when i try it on my Home dvd player, are there any settings on DVD players than can be changed? Is it possible to burn so that the discs can be read on a Playstation 2 because i tried it on that as well, but that says Disc Error.


I guess we need now to know the burner, firmware version & media you’re using as it’s most likely the media that’s the cause.

With Nero’s CD-DVD Speed and using the disc info tab and a blank disk in use the floppy icon at top right and save an image (in PNG format) & post it back here using the Go Advanced option & manage attachments.

That’ll tell us a lot.

The PS2 might not accept DVD+R media but this can often be overcome by booktyping the disk to DVD-ROM. But not all burners will do this.