Skips on audio CD's when converted from MP3

I have a problem with skips on audio CD’s when burning from MP3 files. I have tried both Nero 6 and 7.

I initially thought it was the burner or the media. But having burned to an image file, mounted as a virtual CD in Daemon tools and playing back in Winamp the skips still occur. If I burn in some other tool like BURN4FREE then there are no skips (But decoding the MP3’s on the fly is a little slower).

ASPI is installed correctly.
MP3’s are fine.
Tried uninstalling Nero 6 completely and cleaned out all tools and ahead plugins folder under ‘Common Files’. Cleared registry of all Nero and Ahead entries. Installed Nero 7.

Same problem.

Using Windows XP SP2 fully patched.


I am having the exact same problem. I am trying to figure it out myself. It is definately something inside Nero. I am using Nero 7.

One thing I noticed. One of my songs skips 3 seconds on EVERY cd I make at 27 seconds. The file is fine. However, if you drag it over to the complilation side and preview it, the file skips at 27 seconds. If you go into the “Audio Track Properties” and go to the “Indexes, Limits, and Splits” tab, you can play the file and see exactly where it skips. I have played around with all the filters and am trying as many other Nero settings as I can find. If I find an answer, I will post.


Try using Feurio! It will tell you if there is anything wrong with the files during the project setup as they are converted to waves.

ive used feurio before i must admit its GUI is horrible and its just not so easy to use , as alredy said its a nero7 issue , anyway i recommend using MAD to convert em to wavs prior burning get it from here

Not easy to use??? :eek: :eek: :eek:

I would try using this program: Burrrn

Drag and drop almost any type of audio file. Cue sheet support as well as gapless mp3 support (as long as the mp3s were encoded with LAME 3.x.x). 100% free. :bow: