Skips during playback of bac up disc

I have read and read fthread after thread and can’t get the problem fixed. I have had several movies skip during playback (Back ups). I just purchased DVDFab Plat. I am currently using HP blanks and a fairly new burner. The problem has not always been going on but about 2 of 3 movies play with skips jumps etc. Please, someone willing to help me step by step.

If you can answer a few questions, that would be a good start.What kind of burner do you have and when did you last update the firmware ? Next, as I’ve been told in the past, have you defragged your HD lately ? When Fab is reading and decrypting the original movie, do you ever get any error messages. Let us know what you’ve tried to do to fix your problems, then we can try new things to see if they can help. I’ve had the same issues in the past with my old Lite-On burner, so I can feel for you. Also, welcome to the forum euph0ric13.

Also Media ID who actually made the DVD, not the brand name. You can download Nero’s CD Speed that will give you that information. It is free ad maineman has a link to it in his signature. The following link has a lot of information about media:


I have a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS burner (came with my emachine). I hate to sound stupid but Firware? Yes I have defraged my drive. No error messages. I have not tried much to fix it just trying dif. programs. Thanx.

I did what you suggested and found that the discs I am currently using are not the best by any means. Could you give a suggestion for some discs I could pick up at the store. Brand name?

Have you tried reducing your burning speed? Try half of whatever the blanks are rated for and reburn one of the problem discs. For the test burn, I would also UNcheck the box in Common Settings–>General that says “Delete Temporary Files When Done”. You can then play back the temp files from your HDD to see if the skipping is in the copying part of the process or just on the burned discs.

I have found that Verbatim makes an excellent blank DVD. Just find out what speed your burner operates at and go with that. Also, you might try setting your write speed to 8x. There is normally less write errors at slower speeds. If you find that by changing your media and the write speed helps in getting rid of the skips and jumps then you can try increasing the write speed to see what happens. But, if that does the trick, then maybe leave well enough alone,LOL. MCC-004 16X is the Verbatim’s I use here. Good Luck…Mike

I order TY-Rs in bulk for about $.26 each. Verbatim is known to 1st class media because they set higher standards and it can be purchased almost any place. Burn speed can affect how a DVD plays. I usually burn a 4X or less and it does not make that much in the total time.


$.26 man you got taken. :iagree: <–joking. I just got some verbs for $.20 each. They were on sale, and a store here gives you $3.00 off for returned ink cartridges.

Can someone explain firmware?

Have you had a chance to try any of the suggestions yet? Firmware is software that contains the operating instructions for the processors in many electronic products from microwave ovens to DVD players. It is normally stored in non-volatile memory (nvram) so that the instructions are not lost when power is removed. Firmware upgrades re-write the data in this nvram and are important to DVD drives in computers because they contain detailed instructions that allow the burner to recognize and get optimum performance from different manufacturer’s discs, the specs for which change over time. Try the suggestions first :slight_smile: and post back with the results. We can’t really help you without some additional data.

Hey euphOric13 media can be as important as the software I have found the least amount of errors using Taiyo Yuen blanks, and I have useed all the other brands/ the Taiyos are simply the best, you don,t look for cheap if you are backing up movies!

Out of curiousity, how old is your burner/computer ? My Lite-On started dieing after about 4 years of hard service. I have 2 teenagers that worked it very hard, LOL. You also need to find out which company built your burner so that you can find there web page. There you should be able to find a section or page called either downloads/ firmware updates. Once your there, find the model of burner you have. Also, look on Nero’s CD-DVD Speed and it should tell you what kind of firmware you are currently running, right after the make of burner you have. When you find your model on the webpage, and your under the firmware section of the webpage, compare the versions. If there are newer versions, go with the newest version and download it and install it. That will usually help your performance. Hopefully these suggestions will improve the quality of your burns…Mike

I was going to purchase some ty’s but I still have a question. should I us + or - r’s?

I use +Rs because that’s all my standalone unit will play. Make the choice based on where you will play them and what the player likes to see. You might also try burning one of each if your player supports both types and see which one works best.

I use TY -R 4X with great results. I buy them for about $.25 each in lots or 200 delivered when supermediastore dot com has them on sale. I like that they list the media code in their specifications.


Thanxs for the help. After doing some research on media and going to the store I purchased some sony dvd+R’s. From what I found at they are considered 1st class media. They were not the cheapest but I could get them quicker than ordering TY’s. I have Backed up 2 discs succesfully and everything seems to be going smoothly. Once again thanks to everyone who has assisted me.

Congratulations euphOric13. I’m very happy for you. ‘’ I just love it when a plan comes together’’, LOL. This is such a great place to learn from. Good Luck, ~Mike