Skips and Jumps In Movie Backups

I copied a movie over the weekend and it had some skips and jumps in it. It jumped from chapter 4 to the beginning of the movie once then I played through the same part again and it did not jump chapters in that place but further on it jumped again. There is also one part where it skips. Every time I play over that part it skips.

I have a NEC 3500 bring the TY002 media. I use a Pioneer DVD-120 reader to rip the movies and burn back with the 3500. I use DVD shrink with the NERO API to burn. I burned the disk at 16X. I used Nero CD-DVD speed to check it and everything looked good. I have used RITEC media before with the same results. This doesn’t happen on all burn just some of them.

What do you think could be causing this? Could it be a bad rip, a bad burn?

Also is there a way to verify the quality of the disk either during the burn or after the burn.

Sorry to be longwinded. I wanted to make sure I gave as much info.

Thanks in advance



i guess your talking about dvd vurning. advice: don’t burn at 16x, burn slower, try 8x or 4x…8x should be fine

What software would you all recommend to verify the quality of the burns? I see screenshots of scans of all different software. Not sure what’s the best to use and what will work with my burner and reader.

Just looking for a way to verify that it was a good quality burn.



Nero CD-Speed has a nice conclusive function in its Quality test.

When I ran the Nero test everything looked ok but the disk still had issues. Could this be because of a bad rip? What could be going on here?

THe quality test of Nero DVD-Speed is not supported on the NEC 3500 drive. Do you have any other suggestions for testing quality of burns?



Bad media or burned too fast.

I just backup up another movie and burned it at 8X. It’s even worse than the one burned at 16X. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Are you using hacked firmware or beta bitsetting on your NEC 3500A? If so, try flashing back to the Mad Dog firmware (from the Mad Dog Multimedia web site) and use the Mad Dog bitsetting program to burn your DVD+Rs as DVD-ROM.

I was burning skipping videos until I flashed my drive from beta firmware to factory firmware and bitsetting.

Plus, don’t burn your disks any faster than the rated speed. Why push your luck? I have even recently burned some 8X Japanese FujiFilm (TY002) disks at 4X. The skipping problem seems to have gone away. No more coasters - I hope!

I’m using the Factory NEC 2.18 firmware. I burned at 8X and it made it worse. The only thing I can see going on is that I am getting a bad rip. I use a pioneer DVD-120 to rip. I just ordered a liteon 167T drive to use for ripping.

@skullcap check out this thread on fake ty`s that could be your problem.

also your not burning on the fly are you? you post about bad rips if you rip to hd first then burn from that then its not down to your pioneer.

I’m using Fuji 8X +R TY media made in Japan. From what I read from the thread they are genuine. I’m not burning on the Fly. I use the Pioneer to rip it down to the HD and use the 3500 to burn it to a blank DVD. It’s a 1 step process no swapping disk.

I just purchased the liteon reader to help in trouble shooting the quality of burns since neither of my current drives is supported for PI/PIF error testing.

BTY the 3500 is master on the primary IDE and the Pioneer is master on the secondary IDE.

I am also using Nero to burn. I just upgraded to tonight. I haven’t burned anything yet. Could that have been an issue?


BTY the 3500 is master on the primary IDE and the Pioneer is master on the secondary IDE.

i would put your 3500 as sec/mast and you pio/litey as sec/slave.

have you checked that DMA is enabled?

you should be ok with the latest nero.

Why put them both on the sec IDE channel. I use a SATA drives so all IDE chains are open for use. What is the benefit of putting both of them on the same chain?

DMA is enabled on both drives.

Could Nero have been causing the issue?

I don’t see any machine specs here… What’s the config? Chipset? Overclocked? If your 8X burns are no better than your 16X burns, let’s talk hardware… :wink: :wink: :wink:

Try ripping and backing up your movies with the NEC 3500A and see if that makes any difference.

ASUS P4S8X, 2.4GHZ Intel, 512 CORSAIR Ram, ATI 9700 pro, 2 74G 10K Raptors in Raid 0.

Do you think the liteon 167T drive will pick up the errors on the disk us Nero DVD-speed qulaity test?

I was able to do a quality scan with a friends burner. Here are the results. How does this look to you guys.

General Information
Firmware: B3D7
Disc: DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 39
Average: 10.96
Total: 142332
PI failures
Maximum: 7
Average: 0.10
Total: 863
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 21.8 %
Average: 16.27 %
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 17846
Average scanning interval: 8.01 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

That burn looks pretty darned good to me. Maybe it’s the fact your player just has a little issue with reading DVD+R media. Make sure to get firmware that is bitsettable for the NEC-ND3500A and then change your booktype for DVD+R and DVD+RW to DVD-ROM… DVD-ROM sometimes makes +R media more compatible with set-top players.

You can also use and click on the DVD Player link on the left. Plug in the name and model number of your DVD Player to find out what media other people have reported it to play.