Ive got one other question. When I burn a movie and play it on some movies I encounter occasional skips. As a norm is that a media problem or a software problem? I’m using 1click with any dvd and the media is memorex +r discs. If its a disc problem can someone recommend the most dependable disc I should use?


Sounds like a media problem to me, Taiyo Yuden is my first choice media, after that anything that is made in Japan.
Normal suggestion to get a good copy would be to burn at half the discs max speed ie if the disc says 16x burn at 8x. What you need is a good burn not a fast burn with errors.


Memorex is not the better type media, At a local store maybe you can find TDK or Fuji or Sony, preferably “MIJ” (made in japan). However I have had reasonable good results from the “MIT” (made in tiwian(sp)). You may also try slowing your burn speed down to 4X.


I agree with Doug. Better media is the answer…Made in Japan (MIJ) is prefered, but if you use Made in Taiwan (MIT) use Verbatim 16x. I’ve used the Verb 16x +R’s for a while now and haven’t had any problems at all. Also slowing down the burn speed to 4x (did that on Shannon’s advice) has helped a great deal. :bigsmile:


I’d certainly not recommend slowing down the burning speed of a 16x media to that extent. Maybe 12x would give a better burn on some burners than burning at 16x.

The generally advice given here is to burn quality media at it’s rated speed. I stress “quality” here.


If you can burn media at it’s rated speed - with great results
by all means - do so . More power to you .

but …
If you are experiance burning problems / playback problems
the solution often is simply reducing the burn speed .

A ‘General Rule’ of Half seems most effective .
16x @ 8x ( or 12x ) / 8x @ 4x

Especially if backing-up with somewhat ‘high’ compression ,
1:1 Back-ups don’t seem to be as susceptible as a DVD9 reduced to DVD5

This ‘General Rule’ compensates in several areas ,
Media Quality , “Firmware” match , the DVD/RW Drive itself , ‘state of HDD Defrag’ ,“Player Compatibility” , “Compression” , etc.

I get beautiful results burning my 8x+R TY DVD-ROMs @ 4x.
The result is well worth the extra 5-6 minutes .
@ 8x they look good too , don’t get me wrong .
In one of my players these 8x @ 12x or 16x ( MadDog ) even look good ,
but @ 4x , they play perfectly , in anything .
These are “FULL” back-ups ( Max Compression )

I’m not disagreeing with you entirely ,
It’s just at times , there are more factors involved , to consider .



All I can tell you is I had skipping problems until I slowed my burn speed down to 4x. I was using 8x media at the time, but continued burning at 4x when I changed to 16x just because it works for me. Like Shannon said: “The result is well worth the extra 5 - 6 minutes.” And it is…


Well i’ve to agree with TimC, sure with lower quality media it’s sometimes better to use a slower speed but not too slow. Also the drives firmware should be up to date. Anf the best solution would be to use quality media like Tim mentioned and then there’s no need to use a slower speed.


Better media and a slower burn, best of both worlds.

Reminds me of the TV commercial, less filling, taste great.


Fuuuunnnny Doug!! :bigsmile: >>>>>>> LESS FILLING!!! :a

I would say that burning my Verbatim 16X’s at 12X has proven to give me the best results and the quality is still optimal! :wink: I have had a couple finalization problems when trying to burn the 16x at too slow of a speed with some burning programs. 12X seems to burn almost as fast as 16X and the quality has proven to be just as good as if I were to burn at lower speeds. IMHO :smiley: