I have been using clonedvd2 for some time now. I have never had a problem with the movies that i have copied. But when i put a movie that i had copied in it played well until about a hour and a half into the movie it started skipping and did it till the end of the movie. At one time it froze all together. Any ideas as to why this is happening?


-Bad original DVD media…clean/repair as required
-Fast burn speed…reduce speed. You should set the Booktype of DVD+R disc to DVD-ROM if possible with the burner.
-Bad recording media…go with Made in Japan media if possible.

I suspect your burn speed is too fast or you have no-name junk blank media.


the movie was brnad new.
i use memorex blank media DVD-R
and prefered speed i just do maximum
should i change the speed to 4x since thats what it says on the disks?


Yup…probably not very good media in the first place.


Known problem. We had a thread dealing with it some weeks ago.

Suggestion and a solution as I experienced it myself:

  1. Use only good media (TY, RICOH, etc.).
  2. Burn only at the certified speed of the media, do not set “maximum” speed in CloneDVD2.

Second point applies to good media as well.