Skipping whole sections while burning



hello everyone,
i am new tio the site and new at burning dvd’s although i do have some knowledge i have run across a problem that i dont understand hopefully some of you can help me.
my burner is a lit-on dvdrw lh-20a1p
i copeid and decrytpted a dvd with dvd decrypter and it came out to requiring a dual layer dvd to burn it no problem there i burned the movie and when i put it in my dvd player i found that it had skipped a whole section in the middle of the movie like almost an hours worth of movie time also right where it loses the time the dvd freezes and then takes off later in the movie. the dvd i burned before this one had several frezes in it but didnt skip any part of the movie. the burn speed was automatically configured and both movies were burned at 2.4X
can anyone tell me what and why this happened and how to correct it?


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What brand of media are you using? With DL you have to be careful what you choose.

Burning at 2.4x kinda rules a too-fast burn speed issue out…


i am using hp dvd+r dual layer dvd’s they are 2.4X dl discs with 240 minutes video capability and a total of 8.5 gb space


What’s the brand on the discs? Really only Verbatim ones can be trusted in most drives. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve got some Infiniti 360 +R DL discs, which complete a burn OK in my Samsung - which is my most forgiving drive - but playback was another story.

Verbatim tend to be the safer bet overall.


ok i will see if i can get some verbatim discs and hopefully that will cure the problem the brand i had before was hewlett packard(hp).
if it is as simple as a brand of disc i will be thrilled lol went thru this when i started burning cd-r’s and came to the conclusion that sony and imation were the best cdr discs out there. thanx and i’ll let you know how it works out as soon as i can get some verbatim discs


What software did you used to burn with?
How did you set dual layer brake. It sounds like you have a problem there if DVD freeze in the middle. Also disc brand is important.
I would suggest to use ImgBurn for DL disc and Verbatim 8x. I had some problems with 2.4x Verbatim.


[QUOTE=Dragonslayer1967;2018537]i copeid and decrytpted a dvd with dvd decrypter and it came out to requiring a dual layer dvd to burn it [/QUOTE]
dvd decryptor is not updated anymore. You can download dvdfab hd decryptor here and it’s free also. As for it needing dual layer, well dvd decryptor doesn’t compress the movie to fit onto a single layer you need to download and use dvdshrink for that.


cduncle the software i used was nero 8 and i didnt know you could set a break between layers on a dual layer dvd i will check on that imgburn program it sounds interesting thanx for the suggestion.

GJ i will check out the dvdfab program and i also have dvd shrink but am still playing wioth that cuz here again i am new to the whole dvd buring process and am learning as i go. thanx again for the suggestion i am open to any and all advice


Nero sets layer brake automatically, but it is known to set them wrong.
For DL DVD burn use ImgBurn.
Also one thing. How big is your file?
If too large it will burn to the edge of the disc where they are not stable.
Anything over 7.4GB could be a problem.