Skipping tracks

Hi everyone

New here

I’ve just got some music cd’s on my hard drive but the cd has come as one file. I was wondering if there is any software that can insert marks so I can skip to the next track. I dont want gaps in the music though as it is a continuous mix.
Also the file came with a .cue file and a .m3u file would these be anything to do with it.
I am using nero 7 if that helps

Many thanks


The cue file could well be defining where the track splits are. So if you burned it to a CD they might appear as separate tracks and there is a guide on the Audio forum that explains how to get a gapless CD.

Hi Again

I’ve found out the .cue file are for splitting the tracks, but now I need to know how to burn these on to a cd with the music file using nero 7.


In Nero you pick ‘burn image’ and browse to the cue and you should be able to burn.

Cheers mate

I tried this though but nero keeps freezing when I add the file.
Could you reccomend any other software.

Try either of these.

Burrrn ( - should be fine for creation of an Audio CD.

EAC - Exact Audio Copy. Think this’ll do it.