Skipping towards end of movie

Hello All,

I recently used AnyDVD and CloneDVD to make a backup copy of Elizabeth: The Golden Age and when I got towards the end (about 1:15 into it) the backup copy started to skip. I am updating the software but this has also happened to older movies as well. Aside from the software possibly being outdated, has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for the incite.

That is usually due to a few things…burning too fast, cheap media and burning too close to the edge of the disc. It’s not the softwares fault in most cases.

Try better media, like Verbatim 16x and burn it at 8x. Should help.

Is it skipping an entire scene or just a glitch in the movie. Also try using a different dvd player. As I have backed up movies before and was thinking the skipping(glitch) was a bad disc but realized it was my dvd player. Purchased new dvd player and those back ups no longer have the glitch. Also burning too close to the edge will cause that like LOCOENG said. Try different media like Kerry56 said too

I agree to use Verbatims.
I burn my Verbatim 16x rated at a 12X speed. Never had a problem.
Actually, read somewhere that 12x speed was better speed for a 16x rated disc than burning at 8x.

Hey thanks a lot everyone!
I’ve been using Sonys and Verbatims and now its working a lot better. Thanks again for the help.

Happy burning. :slight_smile: