Skipping songs after burning cd

:confused: After burning a cd and trying to play it in my wifes car, it seems to start skipping after the 5th 6th song. Tried slowing the burn down, and tried different software burners. Do the cd cleaners you see in stores for cleaning the player really work, thought about trying one of those to see if it helps. Any Ideas, Thanks in Advance, Tang65

it can’t really hurt, if you mean a lens cleaner…but car cd players are notorious for mediocre burnded cd playback. Is the stock cd-player that came with the car or an add-on?

one thing you can try is better media if you haven’t already done so…a little searching around here and other forums, along with the make and model of your player will give others a chance to tell you what they have had luck with…:slight_smile:

Her car has a kenwood cd player in it. The cd’s are memorex cd-r.

Can you make a cd in another burner with a different disc? Hopefully that would tell you if its the car or burner.

I’ve burned more than 1 cd. sometimes they skip and sometmes they don’t.
Wondering if its something i’m doing or maybe just bad media. Am trying a different media now. Thanks.