Skipping Probs with TDK Media & Lite-On 1633S



Most of the time the skipping/blotches/freezing is in the beginning of the disk. In addition, when I burn anything over 4x the disc doesn’t work at all in the player. I’m playing the discs in a Toshiba SD-k740. I can’t fingure out the problem. Is it the media or the drive?

btw, hi I’m new. Impressed with the amount of info here. Nice vb forum :wink:


What TDK media is it? DVD-R 4x? TTG01?

I have this media and it burns terrible on the LiteOn’s

I burn the same media on my Pioneer 105 and it works brilliant

See my post here;


it’s TDK 8x


@ tavenger5
Welcome:). You can check your results with Kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scans(scanned at 4x scan speed the forum standard for comparison). You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean. PI/PO is now referred to as PI/PIF. Roughly, PImax<280; PIFmax<4. Attaching disc quality scans to your post of the offending discs will help us help you.


Okay, I did a scan of a disc I was having some trouble with in the beginning. The menu was having trouble loading and such. What could be causing all those errors? Almost all the discs I’ve burned (all TDK 4x and 8x, but burned at 4x) have some small glitches.


Gonna try the test again at 4x…


looks like :Z …
i don’t think it will be much better @4x




@ tavenger5
Thanks for the scan. It is not as horrible as I might have thought from the first 8x scan. You can see that it hits the ‘PIFMax<4’ spec in one place in a thick spike between ‘17c256h’ and 1b2901h’ and is pretty solid in the PIF graph in general. Even though the PIFs are more important, the PI chart is also highly over spec ‘PI<280’, which accounts for the bad playability. Yuden000T02 is supposed to be pretty good media unless you got a bad batch or unless it is fake T02(but not likely with the ‘TDK’ name). So I would recommend using the EEPROM Utility to ‘reset learnt media’. This will erase the memory of these bad burns. After ‘resetting’ you need to reboot and try another burn, then scan at 4x and post. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 burns to see improvement, so please be patient.


Thanks for your help man. Much appreciated. Some great tools on this forum :slight_smile:


1st - before EEPROM reset
2nd - after.

This disc was pretty good to begin with, but I figured I’d burn another for comparison. This is also the first burn after the reset, so I don’t expect much.

I still don’t understand why I can’t burn anything over 4x however. If I burn at 8x or 16x the discs are coasters. I’ll post a scan of a 16x I burned yesterday.


Same Movie but burned at 16x (before EEPROM reset) Unfortunately I don’t have any more 16x discs. This one was Verbatim.


What a horrible KPROBE (the first one) no wonder you are having problems playing the disc…let alone even play the disc. Have you considered trying other media ? Sounds like either a media problem or a bad drive. I guess I must be the lucky one around here, I always get EXCELLENT kprobes with my 1633, PIF never above 15… Personally I have never been a fan of TDK or their quality standards. Try swapping with Maxell or Verbatims. I find that RICOHJPN provide better player compatibility.
Also, the 1633 is a good reader and usually reports good kprobes - so for you to get such horrible kprobes on your 1633, shows that the media was pretty much bad, or at least not a good match for the liteon - perhaps a media swap could help…


@ tavenger5
That 16x burn looked OK in the PIFs until the end. There was also a great improvement in your 4x burns as well. Still a bit high in the PIs but the PIFs are very nice:). Hopefully, they might improve a bit. Too bad you don’t get better results at 8x. I might suggest trying some RICOHJPNR01s(my personal favorites available here in the USA). Those can be easily oversped to 8x with consistently good quality…and they are relatively cheap.

IMHO it seems that liteons have trouble burning above 8x with consistently good results for now. Sometimes it is a struggle just to get consistently good 8x burns. Often, it takes using only the best media,like ricohjpnr01s. There have been cases of some getting good results with the higher burn speeds, but for the most part, if you can get quality 8x burns, learn to live with the few extra minutes it takes and be happy for now…hopefully that will change with better firmwares and better media…Sad but true…


The same irobot data burned again (after EEPROM reset) using same batch of TDK discs at 4x. Significant increase in quality over last time!


I’m thinking about getting some verbatim discs for next time. Can’t beat $26 for a 50 pack on newegg :slight_smile:


@ tavenger
That’s good news and a nice scan. Looks like you are moving in a good direction.

The R01s are ~$40/100=$.40/disc. The Verbatims (MCC003) are good discs and at $27/100(what I think you meant)=$.26/disc are a good deal…but I think the R01s are better and more consistent at 4x or 8x and you will have less coasters. Either way, newegg rocks!