Skipping problems

A few weeks ago i posted about skipping on movies when i played them in my dvd player (standalone), i used princo discs.

I recently boughts some g04 media, but when played it still skips occasionally, does anyone know why?

Could it be my standalone player doesn’t like dvd-r’s, liteon burner isn’t good at it or my original discs were scratched, although i think my burnt media doesn’t skip on computer, i haven’t checked for these riteks but the princo ones didn’t. Thanks

depends on the quality of your standalone player - I would say try recording at a lower speed (2x) might help. Could be your recording software as well…

my thoughts only

If all your scans look like that one, then the trouble is your player. Have you tried DVD+R?

Well that was my first burn with ritek, i just bought the 50 pack. Before i used princo and it was crap. it had a pi max of 212, and pif max of 4. I haven’t tried dvd+r and don’t think i will as i just bought the pack. I might try burning at a lower speed and see what happens. thanks for the tip though.

Ritek G04 does not like to be burned at lower speeds, stick to 4x or above. The reason I suggested DVD+R is that your player may prefer it. It’s not just about burn quality, reflectivity is a big factor.

may i ask why?

Because of the laser used and the firmware used to support it. My expensive dual Toshiba can not read many types of CDRW media. It does take those 1x ones though. Doesn’t see many CDR media as well, but plays all premade ones just fine. But my dawoo which cost 1/10th as much plays everything just fine including disks I stepped on and sat on.

sorry i didn’t make myslef clear but i meant why G04’s don’t like being burnt below 4x?

I understand from above the reflectivity of Ritek is too low to survive slow buning speeds. Bit of a media mess going on…