Skipping problem

Have several back-ups that have skips in them (some skip almost a whole chapter). Some other back-ups are fine. Using Verb. DL disks and backing up whole DVD. Using DVDFab Platinum with an external HP DVD burner. Already downloaded latest update.

Let me know if you need more info.

Have you tried a Verbatim DVD-R Single Layer disk for comparison? Just compress the movie to fit on one of those, burn it at 8x and see how it plays back.

Not sure if it is the Dual Layer thing or the External Burner thing, or the app that is causing it.

You could try exporting to a VIDEO_TS folder and then burning it as a DVD Video project in Nero 6.6.x too, I guess. Sometimes that works better for me.

Good luck.

Thanks for the help. The reason I purchased DVDFab was because it said I could back-up the entire DVD (Menus included). I don’t want to just back-up the movie. Maybe someone that know this software can help me out.

Hi Firenut, Firstly welcome to the forum :iagree:
There is already a thread/issue with regard to skipping, repeating and voice repeating in the first thread on the forum named "dvd fab is out.

Look at page 4 ish. There are quite a few people experiencing the same probs your having :iagree:

Sorry looks like we will all have to wait for Fengtao to HELP! :sad:

Cheers Peter.

Hi Firenut,

Please try new Beta to see the result:

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