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have been backing up my dvd movies for a few years now useing a few different softwear products mostly any dvd and clone dvd2 all updated at time of burn. after the burn i would watch the movie or skip through it to make sure it was ok. some months later i would go to watch it and about half way the images break up, often when this happens the dvd will skip and freeze pixelation occurs prior to freezing. can you help?


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What media are you using? By this I mean what is the brand & what is the Media ID. Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , with the disc info tab, is a good way to get the Media ID.

The reason I ask this is because there are certain media that degrade badly after burning, typically the media ID is Ritek G05.


#1 cause: Poor Quality Media…


some of the media im having trouble is philips co8.8, cmc mag eo1.8,
one im not having trouble with is ritek ro3.8
i am not having problems with all of the copies some are ok.


I am having the same troubles…only I just bought DVDClone2, AnyDVD, and CloneDVDmobile 3 weeks ago! Actually I have only successfully created 1 back-up in about 15 attempts…funny thing is it always says the burn was succussful too? I have even burned and had directors commentary locked ON over the entire movie? At first I thought it was my DVD player but after trying over 10 different machines (all of which can play dvd+R) and these other glitches I am starting to wonder. Some back ups don’t even start?

I am burning on Sony DVD+R 1x-16x Ver 1.2

Recommendations anyone? THANKS


If the burns in the first place where marginal then any slight degradation of the media could cause this.

There is no substitute for quality media & that really means Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

You should be able to rip those discs back to your HDD & reburn. I’d use DVD Decrypter in ISO Read mode & then burn back with it or ImgBurn.


Firstly don’t use DVDClone2 , CloneDVD from slysoft (like AnyDVD) would be a better option or the free DVD Shrink which works very well.

The Sony DVD should be OK but it depends what burner you have & what speed you burn at.


My mistake, CloneDVD2 is what I am using.
Would you recommend a switch to Verbatim as a cure in this case?
I used DVD-X-COPY for the past 4 years without issue on Sony media.

Burner = NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD


Changing the media will not correct problems like the directors commentary you mention though.
Maybe a try with DVD Shrink instead CloneDVD2 might be worthwhile. I’m assuming here that you use the current versions of Clone & AnyDVD.


Injumscout and/or 399skySCRAPER -

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PHILIPSC08 and CMCMAGE01 DVD+R Media is manufactured by CMC Magnetics Taiwan and is noted to be cheap poor quality Media which produces unacceptable results.

RITEKR03 DVD+R Media is manufactured by Ritek Taiwan and is slightly better Media than CMC Media but it is noted for reflectivity degradation problems.

To ensure consistent quality error free results use proven known quality Media (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) and the newest most current up to date DVD Burner Firmware.



i have checked out some of the ones i am havin trouble with and most of them are cmc mag not all but most i have backed up all of my collection useing differant media names hp khypermidia memorer ect. i have quite alot and have not watched them all if i do decide to recopy and reburn what and where to buy the good media?


How do you get media ID.

Nero CD-DVD speed mentioned above failed to link? Is this to test media?

Why does my DVD player sound like it gonna explode when trying to play these “successful” burns. What causes directors commentary to be written and lock on a burn and other glitches like that?

I am new, as you can tell, and really want to learn the nuts and bolts. This seems the best place to do that on the web.



Director’s commentary is generally the 2 channel audio. Select only the 3/6 channel audio. To start, suggest burning at about 1/2 rated speed, use TY or Verbs, update burner firmware and do not multitask while burning. If your burner supports booktyping, use DVD+Rs and booktype.


interesting development i have lables on all my dvds back ups i had removed the lable to see what brand it was (khypermedia) allso cleaned the disk with warm water and soap put it back in my pc and it played perfectly put it in my dvd player it played perfectly. cleaned another and it played for a while then skiped and stopped removed the lable it played fine did 2 more played fine i am now going to see if the problem is with cleaning the disk, warming the disk, flexing the disk, as i did to remove the lable or removing the lable to find out what it is for sure. why would a lable cause this problem?


NEVER use “stick on” labels on your DVDs…


why would that make a differance? the media is prtected by a layer of plastic on both sides. i have pulled the media off of cds but never a dvd


It unbalances the DVD during the high spin rates…causing read errors…


why would it not effect all of my back up dvds


It will, eventually…Again, DO NOT use stick-on lables on DVDs. Wouldn’t recommend that practice on CDs either…


ok thanks for the info