Skipping on PS2

I have been having a real problem with my PS2 playing burned DVD’s from CloneDVD. They play fine, then get to a part where they skip like crazy. Any Ideas?

I have a SOHW-812S DVD burner from Liteon
My DVD’s are DVD-R

Might be cheap\bad media as ps2 lasers can be fussy best to use good quality media…

CloneDVD is for Movies dude. If you meen CloneCD…I Dunno

My media is HP DVD-R 8X, and FujiFilm

You can play movies on your ps2 but original poster does not say if its dvd based games or movies that are skipping…

i have a ps2 that is real touchy with backed up movies i have about a 50/50 chance of them working in a ps2 i have used fujifilm and memorex all of the back ups work flawless in my dvd players though

They are DVD Rips from my commercial DVD’s. Since I got them from Clone DVD they would have to be from movies or complation DVD’s. As far as I know CloneDVD does not work on games.

I would suggest getting a cheap dvd player. Ps2 do not have very good lasers. New dvd players are so cheap now days.

The Fujifilm should be ok if the packages say made in japan on them. The Taiwan stuff can be variable in quality. If you are purchasing the made in japan spindles (taiyo yuden) and you have the skipping, I agree with the others that it’s time for a cheap dvd player.

Ok, but I like to be a cheap oops and do not like to spend money…

better to spend 30 bucks now for a cheap player than to burn up the laser in your ps2 :slight_smile: Do a little research and find a cheap player that will play most any dvd-r or dvd+r, mp3, video cd ect. It will be a good investment.
try here for some good info