Skipping on Playback?

Hi, I am using Any DVD and Clone DVD 2, an Optorite DVD R/W and have burned several things including Memento Region1. The all play perfectly on my computer in PowerDVD but when I put them in my PS2 or my DVD player they skip about 45 mins into the movie. Any ideas what the culprit is? I am using Ritek disks and tried turning down the burn speed to 2x (my burner is capable of 12x).

i don’t know what version of the anydvd or clone dvd2 i have, i would assume it is the newest because i just got it, but some of the movies i burn do the same thing…they start playing fine, but then start to pause and skip later. the disc is brand new with no scratches on it. i am using memorex cd-r 4x in a new sony dvdrw dw-d18a. any clue as to what is happening? the dvd is ‘garden state’.