Skipping On All Copies

Hi there folks.I’m new to this forun and to burning DVD’s.I have the newest version Of Clone DVD2 and of Any DVD running with a P 4 1.5 Ghtz CPU with 512 Ram. I run WinXPPro with SP1. I’m burning with a Liteon External writer but don’t have the fast USB connection yet so I’m a bit slow on all projects so far.Nevertheless, everything seems to work fine though like I said I’m running very slow right now till I get the card for the hifh speed USB.I go through the whole process without any errors. I burn the DVD from my HD and all seems well until I try to play it.The movie plays flawlessly until diffrent parts and then skips a scene. Its on the DVD because I can see it if I fast forward or slow mow it.This has happened on just about every project I have attempted. I am using Sony DVD - R 4X Media.Any and all feedback would be much appreciated.Thank you. Be Well & Stay Healthy.


I don’t think it’s a CloneDVD issue, but I have a few questions

  1. What make and model of a standalone DVD player are you using?
  2. I see that our are using Sony-R, do you know the media code of that disk?
  3. Have you tried any other Media?
  4. Did you burn it @ the recommended speed of 4X?

Thanx for the quick response Hamp. The standalone is a Samsung M101 player. I think this may be the media code for the blanks but I’m not certain, 25DMR47LS2. I tried some TDK’s and a few no name’s that came with the burner with the same result. Last, I’ve tried to burn at evry speed and I S k i PP. LOL. I ran a compatability test for Liteon after I posted. I should have done it before I posted. Sorry about that. I’ll get the hang of it. It recommeneded I use the DVD+R media rather than the minus. It looks like it’s off to Staples to try them while I get my daughter her school supplies.It could be worse.We could be living in Florida.Thanx again and let me know if you come up with anything.Be Well & Stay Healthy.


That does not look like a Media code, it sounds like you are kinda new to DVD burning. Here is a link, Pretty good information for Media , that can explain alot about media and media codes.

I can’t pull up the information on your standalone as of yet, but I will later to see what media you should stay away from…

BTW, Welcome to CDfreaks website…

try changing the quality setting to 4300 mb , worked for me!