Skipping / Glitching with 832S?

Hey all , I’ve had my 832S for a couple months at least without any problems until recently.

At first I used Maxell DVD-Rs then switched the Memorex DVD-R then back to Maxell. I’m now experiencing the problems with the second batch of Maxell’s.

Basically the DVD will pause up and the screen will have discouloured pixelation blotches I guess is the best way to describe it. Sometimes you have to chapter skip over these spots , others they will just freeze for a couple seconds then continue.

Any ideas why it could be doing this apart from the media? I’ve defragged to make sure it’s not that. I’m burning with Recode 2 and using advanced analysis and the long encode or whatever to make sure it’s best quality.

Maybe I should update the firmware? I don’t know if a kprobe scan would help anyone figure out what it is but if it will I’ll install it and scan the discs with problems.