Skipping dvd's

i use torrent spy to download movies, they work fine on my computer, but when i burn them to dvd it skips and the words are off. Is there something wrong with my 1 click dvd or do i have to use a different source for burning?

Nothing wrong with your 1click - but asking for help for downloaded movies is against the forum rules :cop:

Not necessarily true. If you’re so concerned report the post to a moderator & let them decide.


Problems playing a DVD on a standalone player like you have is usually down to very poor quality burns.
This can be caused by having a crap burner, out of date firmware, burning too fast, or using poor quality media.

Can you post an image created by Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , disc info tab. This , plus telling us the burn speed, will help us to help you.


Unfortunately 1Click is designed to backup a movie from a disc to disc.

I don’t know what format these downloaded movies will be in so that might be your problem. :bigsmile: