Skipping bad sector error



i am useing anydvd and 1clickdvd copy and have trememdus success buring movies. after some windows issues and getting windows xp reinstalled i am back up and burning…but have encountered i error i cant seem to get past. movies like Hitch, sin city, assult on precint 13 all give me as it is ripping to the hard drive “skipping bad sector #******” and it takes forever to get through the ripping process and acts like the entire cd is bad…but the movie plays fine both on the computer or in a dvd player…has anyone else expereinced this and how to get around it…also someone told me windows in thier updates can detect burning movies and install someting to stop the burning. let me know if this has any truth to it


I too am experiecing this problem at the moment and I don’t have a clue. Can anyone help?