Skipping Audio CD's

Hi people im a ‘newbie’! Got problems burning audio cd’s in Nero with my Liteon 52/24/52 writer. I’m using good quality media: Imation 48x (suitable for music) and have burnt at loads of different speeds even 4x. I never have other programmes running & my comp is 1gig Duron with 768 RAM. I have updated my atapsi driver & the nero software. But still my audio cd’s skip on two different hifi cd players (one having cd/r/rw playback). I’m using an mp3 file and “burning image” from a cue sheet?

Any ideas, its really annoying me! I’ve had the drive since xmas and im wondering whether the lense may of been faulty from the start?


Cheers people

When you play the freshly burned audio cd in your cdrom player or writer of your pc ; Does it skip then as well ?

HiFi cd players are usually more picky with media than pc peripherals.

No it seems to play fine on my CDROM drive & my burner drive. The weird thing is that the first listen on my hifi is fine & even the second then i leave it a day & listen again & it skips?

What are the chances of the laser being faulty on my burner? I have only had it since december & not used it that much. Plus it burns data cd’s etc fine - and i never get errors on any burn

As mentioned , some cd players are very picky.

It once took me 3 months to figure out which brand of cd’s my stero cd player could recognize and play without skipping.

Fortunately i have only dvd players now and they can handle a lot more stuff :slight_smile:

I don’t think the laser has an error.

You mentioned one of your HiFi cd players has cd-r and cd-rw playback. Perhaps you could try different brands of media on that system and examine if it is indeed picky or just skipping everything. There is a remote possibilty that the laser is not burning at the required temperature to get a good quality data stream.

Ok thanks mate. So can anyone recommend the brands which are good for audio burning? Or maybe some good audio/cue sheet burning software other than Nero?

Search the Audio forum for this kind of problems:

The best audio/cue-sheet burning software, IMO, is Feurio, but the software should not make a difference in writing quality.

Where did you get the crazy idea from that Imation would be quality discs?

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check out my posts in this thread here, as well as the links I give to another thread … let us know!

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it sounds like your hifi just has a dirty lense, if it works on both your cd drives on your pc there probably isnt a problem with the cd. try using a cd lens cleaner disc, my hifi skipped cds too, so i bought one, used it, and now its fine.