Skipping Audio CD Playback - Nero 7 mp3pro.dll

I have posted many solutions on various forum threads now regarding this problem, so I’ll make a proper solution in a separate thread.

If you are using Nero 7 (some later versions of Nero 6 too), you may find that Nero burns audio CDs created from MP3s that seem to skip during playback. This occurrence is random, depending on the hardware and OS configuration, from what I could determine during my investigations, and does not occur on all PC running Nero 7.

Anyway, if you are one of those frustrated ones experiencing this problem, here is a possible solution. I have tried and tested it on over 20 PCs with the same problem, and it works.

The fault lies with the mp3pro.dll, located by default under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins, that Nero used to decompress MP3s before burning them as normal CD Audio.
To fix the problem, you need to replace the mp3pro.dll with and earlier version than On my PC, I had to go as low as version (Nero for the problem to go away! On my laptop I only went down to version (from Nero for it to work.

To test weather your replacement mp3pro.dll version is working without burning another CD that might potentially skip, just play the track (that normally skips) directly from the compilation window after dragging it over. If it plays fine, then the mp3pro.dll file you have resolved your problem and all your Audio CDs from there on will be OK!

I’n not posting links to the various mp3pro.dll versions as the links are mostly alive for only a few days or weeks before being broken. A bit of Googling should get you to the version you need.

For me it only happens with VBR encoded MP3s. I burned a mix CD with VBR tracks and 192 CBR tracks, and only the VBR ones skip. I downgraded to v2.0.0.6 of the mp3pro DLLs and it fixed the problem.

Well noted Rats. I forgot to mention that this problem will onlt occur with VBR MP3s. CBR MP3 files work regardless.