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This is my first post. I’m sure more will follow…
I wanted to know the significance of the READ option called “Skip sectors after Reading”. I have selected “10 Retries” for Reading eror. I’m not really sure what the implications on the finished product is if I select “0” vs “32”

I would welcome a practical as well as a technical response :wink:

I’m running DVD FAB Gold


Hi Susan. I responded to your other post re: The Illusionist. I assume it is the same problem. The read error options are there to give you some options for copying discs that are scratched or slightly damaged. “Ignore errors” will make the copy process much faster but will leave small glitches or jumps in the video (or big jumps in some cases). The “Ask” option will bring up a dialog at each read error to ask what you want to do. Symptoms of read errors are slow copy read rates in “Task 1”, often less than 2X speed and sometimes much less and completion times for “Task 1” of an hour or more. The problem you describe in the other post sounds more like a burn problem. Please read that and respond there. The more sectors you skip (set with drop down box) the more likely you are to land on the far side of the errored patch but the more perceptible the jump on the video. The more retries you allow, the more likely that good data can be extracted but the slower the process. The options are a coarse trade off of copying speed for copy quality for damaged discs.


I would try downloading the free DVDFab Decrypter to see if it will rip to HD, then burn with Gold. I have done that before, but not sure why it sometimes works. I have not seen any recent complaints on DVDFab Decrypter, and know the user of the free programs tend to give more detailed feedback, so fengtao may use it to try new methods.



Thanks! and yes, hence my “Illusionist” post. Just so odd to me to get these errors on two brand new DVD’s. I’m beginning to suspect the Toshiba, which is a new optical on my 4 year old laptop.

To MAck - what is Decrypter??? Do I use that instead of Fab Gold??

Thanks so much!!!



Fengtao makes a couple of free programs and DVDFab Decrypter is one of them. It will only rip contents to the HD. It can be down loaded from one of the [B]ReadFirst[/B] threads that introduce the newer versions. Also can be found on under free stuff it is a toned down version, but also used to test new decryption techniques because the users of free programs tend to give more detailed feedback.



Thank you Mack!

What do you use to burn with after Decrypter?



Just burn with Your DVDFab Gold by choosing the folder that DVDFab Decrypter rips the contents to as source. I cannot remember but I think it creates a sub folder using movie name. You use good media so if you have a RW disc practice with it to save discs if you get failed burn. I use the TY -R discs, which are 1st class media, for 2 reasons, I can buy them in bulk for $.25 each and Verbatim screwed me out of a couple of rebates.



Thanks Mack,

I’ve looked at those TY-R discs…never found them that well priced. Good for you!

Any thoughts on my "illusionist/prada post?



I don’t have that one either, but seem to remember you were having read problem there too. Same method may be used for it too. Errors can be simple as a fingerprint on the disc, low sources such as memory and HD space, and firmware. Also don’t rule out the DVD drive unless you run some testing software that validates it is working correctly.



Hi Susan, I responded to your other post also. In that post I left 3 images of the results that I got when I ran the application, VSO Inspector which Mack pointed me to. It’s not large and it gives good info on the state of your disks. As I said before, I have backed up both titles without any errors so it shouldn’t be in the encryption . Hope this helps. By any chance did you return the DVD to the store and then try to back up the new one ? Just curious…Mike