Skip Plextor

Get a Acer and use CloneCD_v3 and you can copy everything!!!
I have one Acer120832 and 2 Plextor 121032s and 161040a

Indeed ACER is a good choice… but I’m still sticking to the Plex 1210a, because it hasn’t failed me yet (except for SafeDisc 2, but I don’t have any games with this protection)…

Acer is a very good choise for SD2 but not for subchannels, look at the site of clone. The burners who can both is the plextor px/r820 scsi and his clones and the Freecom 4x4x20 extern.


If you pick acer then remember to get a Reader that do subchannels.
Acer is indeed the best choice at the moment.