Skilled burners, please take a look



Hello mates

Im having serious truoble copying a pc game cd, Thief.
It is a fullversion, but not the original disc - it
s one
bought of a "dealer"

The tracks look like the original illegal TOC:

I have tried nero,cdrwin,duplicator and blind-read with
no success.

Nero lets me create an image, but when trying to burn it
the display says something like this:

-Can not perform start session
-Invalid field in parameter list (and the location)
-Can not perform end session

Cdrwin aborts reading, displays bad sector(s)
Duplicator will only read one track.
Blind-read jams

What do I do ??
Could someone have messed with the cue-sheet ??
I have not looked at the cue-sheet, but as I`m telling my
burning prog to ignore the ill TOC it should not cause the
problem, should it ??

Hopefully someone can tip me of a trick or two, I hate
being stuck.



I don’t think I’m a real expert but
Here is what I would do:

Thief isn’t really new, so your local library will probably have it.
Rent the original CD, check for a crack (verify the version!!) and copy the CD.

This procedure is a lot easier than cracking the CDR you have, because you don’t know how the CDR is protected.
The original silverdisc (the one you get from the library) has a generic protection and there are cracks designed for every version.


Bhackstage is right; if you have problems copying (any) games, better check cause I think that at the moment that is the best place to find out how to copy your (own) games to make an backup for yourself! If someone who reads this knows how to copy the game “Amerzone” please mail me at cause the crack gamecopyworld gave me didn’t work! Or if there is another page where I can check it please mail!
Thanx & Good Luck!


Thanks to both of ya

I would not have a problem getting the game
I could also get someone to mail me the
original cuesheet,it is just that I want to find out what causes my problems.
It seems like it is somekind of “homemade”



Yeah; the guy probably used a variation of the CDprotection method of The Duke (editing cuesheets). It’s very difficult to tell you how to copy it. Every CD is different and it takes some time (and good hardware) to explore the protection and bypass it.
So like I said before: it’s easier to get an original version and make a copy of it using cracks found on the internet.

Maybe, the CDR can be copied with a Plextor Combo (reader and writer), but that’s not absolutely sure. I managed to copy one of my own protected CD’s with such a combo.
I tryed copying the same CD with some other reader/writer combinations and with different progs, but it couldn’t be copied.