Ski or die!



Who remembers this superb game from 1989?
Check here to play it again :slight_smile: Runs without trouble on my WinXP. That half pipe is just great! :slight_smile:

Warning: can be addictive :wink:


Aaahh… the memories…

One of the first cool games of Electronic Arts and one of the first with superb Adlib music. Doing 360 flips over bunnies and penguins while the guy’s face gets delighted with happiness … until you make one single mistake…

I feel old …

Have to warn you though … it’s not legal to distribute the game because of the IDSA decisions. However, since this is still an obscure thing , i will not remove the link. Everyone can decide for themselves.


…and now we have Grand Theft Auto 3. :slight_smile:

This is a fun game anyhow…good old days of DOS!
Brings a tear to my eye…:smiley:


ya know its actually not even a badgame at all…

i mean the music is beyond jacked up
but the game itself is pretty good worked out

i could even do all kindsa tricks in the snowboard halfpipe,
for 1989 i give it a big thumbz up !

just kill the speaker inthefront of your computer case :smiley: