SKC (Korea) Media anygood?



Hi, I have just purchased some 40x SKC media that seems ok.
Has anyone had any experiences (good or Bad) with them.
I have used their 8mm and VHS tape in the past and found it to
be good quality.
CDR identifyer details below.
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.ATIP: 97m 26s 26f
Disc Manufacturer: SKC Co., Ltd.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 73f / LBA: 359848)


I’ve only used Cyanine SKC discs and they were not very good…

No experience with the phthalocyanine ones…


i’ve used them before, and i don’t have any complaints about it.


The last batch of DiskRites (300 off) were SKC Cyanine and almost half are bad.

Some had yellow sectors but most bad ones slowed down on verify - Media International (is that right?) in Scotland were’nt very helpful in that they just performed a CDSpeed check and showed all green - yeah, that does’nt show slowdowns i.e. C2 errors.

Got some Mitsui’s now and most are fine, a very few out of several hundred (over many months) seem to fail about 10% in at the same place - bad batch? Mitsui are normally great.

I would not use cyanine or DiskRite (SKC) again - once burned many times shy so to speak.


SKC cdrs have a terrible reputation here in oz.


Thanks Guys for your replies. As i bought 2 12 packs i hope i got a good batch. I will let the forum know how i get on.


I’ve had great experiences with those discs, and they still haven’t failed me after about 1 yr. since burned.
Great quality in both audio and data. I’ve used both the “Diamond” and the “Gold” variety, and both are equally as nice.
So Icey may have just gotten a bad batch. (BTW, my only indication of C2 is yellow blocks, my drive doesn’t slow down…)


Bad experience 1st up!

I was backing up my copy of Microsoft Explorapedia The 1st 2 burns failed. Both had unreadable sectors in different spots. I used “game” profile in Clone CD 4.010 1st at Max (24) speed and 2nd at slowest possible (8X). I tried a third time with Nero at 8X and was successful. Perhaps it was clone CD? I have not had any problems with earlier versions of CD 4.

These discs are white labelled with"professional Premier" 40X

I have used the "gold " SKC 16X discs before without any coasters, perhaps i have a bad batch, anyhow i still have 20 left so time will tell.


Indeed I’ve never tried the 40x discs, the discs I’ve had good experience with were 16x, both gold and diamond.