SKC = Disaster!



A few days ago I found out that 40 SKC dvd-R’s that were written a few months ago cannot be read!!! All discs were burned with a Nec 2500.Apart from Nec 2500, the discs cannot be read in the following drives as well:BenQ 1620, Pioneer 106 dvd-rom, Toshiba dvd-rom&Xbox.None could read them!!(Cyclic redunandancy check error always appeared).I also tried some Skc cd’s I have for years and they didn’t function either. As you realise, I have lost over 160gb of data and i am outrageous because the discs were kept in Jewel cases,they have no scratches and dust and were stored in a shady ,cool and dry environment.I’ve tried to rescue the data with badcopypro with no result.I really hate SKC and i am going to send them an email giving them a piece of my mind about their @#%*&%$% products.


Befor blaimeing SKC themselves don’t forget that there codes are (ab)used by quite some Hong Kong manufacturers who also like to abuse TY codes illegal.
So first check if you got the real stuf befor maileing them.


I had the same problem with 50 ritek printable G04 disks serials J3-03xxxxxx
200 gig down the drain.

Some disks just don’t last (all my other Ritek G04s are still perfect, guess those were a bad batch)

I have loads of Datawrite G04s still perfect after 18 months. I suppose this is a warning to us all.
Check your data every few months, don’t use all 1 type of disk.


DVD Identifier shows this: Manufacturer:BeAll …G40001.
I don’t think they are abusing the SKC brand.I think that SKC is oficially working with them and they should both be blamed.


That means that SKC have purchased media from BeAll. I would recommend an e-mail first to SKC telling them about their dodgy supplier then to BeAll about their crap madia.


Manufacturers use TY codes to improve their discs’ burn speed compatibility. What would anyone gain from using SKC media codes?


As I understand it, SKC is the branding and BeAll is the manufacturer.


Tricky question ! And I don’t know what the official answer but here are quite some options. Here are just a few. I can think of much more :

There is still compatability(It’s obvious that japanese compannies probally will support a companny that has less quality variance and doesn’t abuse codes of there partners sooner as one that does all the above stuff.)

Also I don’t know what SKC uses as technology but let’s say the got some full inhouse developped technology (Which would be rare but ok.) And what if you want to strat makeing media but don’t want to spend much money on R&D in the start. In other words you want to buy most of your technology.

Also can your companny make stampers if not then you have to order them from third parties.

CD-R atip’s are not endless so why some might fancy to choose a unknown atip code or might fancy to use the free code others might just abuse a code or make a deal over the use of it.

I will see what I can find out on that relation between SKC and Infosmart and other hong kong brands.

About Beall and there problems Kenshin allready reported ealier about problems.


Don’t easy blame Beall


Well if you can or not is a hard question. Beall did produce some batches of not so good quality but to blame them completely for the unreliability is tricky.

People keep in mind that no manufacturer is perfect. Each have had there problems with the media which is obvious because of the low sales price. That even incoperates names as Mitsubishi, TY, Maxell. It’s just that they should solve problems the right way in the end and should take steps to avoid these problems for the future.
Unlike the bad compannies who just say we don’t care and say better luck next time.